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John Callaghan - Business Growth Coach & Marketing Strategist

Campaign Powered Marketing 

Customizable Marketing Campaigns to Grow Your Funeral Home Business

Problem & Solution

Funeral Home owners are constantly fielding calls from marketing agencies who offer to help them solve a specific problem. One offers to build a “professional” website, another will make your phone ring, and then there’s dozens of social media agencies vying for control of your Facebook page.
Eventually, owners end up with a team of vendors working on their behalf. The problem is that they're all delivering different messages to the marketplace.
It’s the equivalent of hiring a group of musicians and giving them different music to play. What will it sound like? Noise!
When you have separate marketing pieces all with different messages you are creating noise and the market (i.e., families) will not respond.

The solution is to create an integrated marketing campaign that delivers one consistent message across all channels.

Rather than competing for attention and creating noise, an integrated campaign supercharges your advertising, and delivers a significant ROI.

The online version of an integrated campaign should include

  • Website copy
  • ​Facebook posts and ads
  • ​Google Business Profile updates
  • ​Google Ads
  • ​Prewritten emails
  • Feature: Explain the benefit of your products
The offline version might include items such as
  • Trifold handout for families
  • ​Direct mail postcards
  • ​Billboards
  • ​Radio & TV ads
  • ​Local newspaper ads

The bottom line is that investing in individual ads is a waste of money.

Instead, invest in a complete integrated campaign and deploy the same message across every channel in your market.

Our Approach - Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Step #1
Define Objective

Do you need more preneed? At-Need?

Are you launching a new location and need to get the word out? 

Let's start with the business objective and go from there.

Step #2
Select or Create

We start with a "Campaign Playbook" that defines the campaign strategy and message.

We have complete campaigns you can choose from or we can create a brand new campaign for your business.

Step #3

Next, we will create customized materials for your campaign. We will write all of the content, define the brand standards, and create all of the individual pieces.

All digital and offline pieces will be created at this time.

Step #4
Deploy Campaign

Once the materials are ready it's time to start deploying them across the various channels.

We typically test pieces online first because of the cost advantages before investing in more expansive items like TV ads.

Step #5
Manage Campaign

Marketing used to be "set it and forget it" but that's not the case anymore.

For example, digital marketing needs regular management to keep "Big Tech" happy and ensure that our ads keep running

Step #6
Measure Results

Fortunately, we are able to track many things in today's marketing world. 

We will measure the effectiveness of all components of the campaign and identify what is working best in your local market.

a la cart Marketing Services

Traditional Advertising

In the past few years we have created TV & radio commercials, billboards, print ads, direct mail postcards, brochures, and a whole lot more.

When it comes to traditional advertising, we've got you covered!

Social Media

Some vendors offer a "set it and forget it" approach to social media. That stopped working in 2020! 

We offer a fully managed social media program that produces bottom line results.

Website Management

Our clients are tired of dealing with unresponsive website vendors.

We'll design and optimize your website and then manage your vendor to make sure it gets implemented the way you want.

Google Domination

Google is the new phone book. If you are not dominating Google you are missing out on calls.

Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Google Business Profile - we've got you covered!

Reputation Management

The surest way to grow your business is to become the highest rated funeral home in town. 

We have proprietary technology that will help you gain more 5-star reviews and outpace your competition.

Email Marketing

In the digital world, email is still the ultimate marketing tool.

Whether you want a monthly newsletter or an email follow up sequence we can create and automate the entire process.

Our Core Team

John Callaghan
Owner & Campaign Designer
Andy Tallent
Project Manager & Digital Specialist
Julie Felton
Graphics Designer & Offline Specialist 

3 Easy Steps to Grow Your Funeral Home Business

1) Free Phone Consultation

We will talk about the current state of your business, the challenges you're facing, and your business goals. I'll explain how we help our clients and you can decide if we're a good fit. Sound good?

2) Individual Campaigns

Choose from one of our prebuilt campaigns or we can create a completely customized campaign for your funeral home. All campaigns are licensed on an exclusive basis so you get a competitive advantage!

3) Marketing Partnership

Upgrade to our marketing partnership level and receive all current and future campaigns. Plus you get our highest level of marketing management to ensure that your marketing systems operate perfectly. 

Client Testimonial - Garrett Casey Sr.

More Client Feedback

“John Callaghan is more than a marketer. He has his finger on the pulse of funeral trends nationally and will help your firm raise the standard of excellence.

The great Peter Drucker says all business hinges on innovation and marketing. John Callaghan will help you with both. Guaranteed!”

Stephen Aldridge. Stanly Funeral & Cremation Care, Albemarle NC


“John, you have doubled our pure at-need calls. You’ve done a great job!”

David Shipper, Indiana Memorial Group, Evansville IN


What impressed us most were his communication skills, both in written language and verbal. John has a way with words and manages to convey a message in the most convincing and eloquent way.

Paolo Bassi, Kane & Fetterly Funeral Home, Montreal QC

Interested in upgrading the experience families have at your funeral home?

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